About Us

Dynamics-Era Solutions (DES) is a registered ICT software and hardware company, which was founded in March 2001 and registered in March 2002. Since then, DES has emerged as one of the most innovative IT consulting firms offering the following services:

  • Computer hardware supplies at affordable rates.
  • Software design and development as per the organization needs
  • IT staff training for organizations
  • Hands-on computer training for individuals
  • Hardware and software maintenance.
  • Hardware and software consultancy, including professional advice on the handling of computer faults.
  • Research and development of emerging technologies like E-Billing, SMS Systems and Biometric solutions as per organization needs.
  • Electronic Payment solutions

Dynamics-Era Solutions supplies all kinds of computer hardware and develops all kinds of software using high-level programming languages. We, as IT professionals develop innovative state-of-the-art software as per your company’s/organization’s specifications. This is so because we believe that custom made software products offer the best possible solutions to organizations as needs vary from company to company. In order for organizations and institutions to gain a competitive edge, we work very closely with our clients to ensure that the software solutions meet their requirements. This also translates into efficiencies and a reduction of manual processes.


Our Mission

We see our mission in providing quality software, support and services to minimize development effort and replace the routine with a pleasure of creating software easily and fast.

Our Vision

We are open to the development community by making our products affordable to individuals and companies alike. Open to new ideas by letting any outside developer contribute to the development of our products, released or not yet. Open to everyone by providing free technical support to make our customers feel comfortable with our products.

Open to innovation by adopting new technologies, methodologies and tools to make our products and services better.

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