Laptop/Phone Tracking



When you buy a new laptop or phone, the first step is to install the onboard DES Laptop Tracking software on your laptop/phone.  You then register the laptop on the internet with the tracking gateway; we shall guide you step by step through each process.

Once the laptop/phone is lost/stolen, it is strongly recommended that you report its loss/theft to the local law enforcement authorities and also report it on the Tracking gateway within 24-hours of the incident.

If your notebook is stolen, you can also simply activate onboard software that works with webcams. The software automatically captures photos of the thief and transmits their specific google map location to your email. The thief doesn’t know you are watching.

Once you notify the tracking gateway about the missing laptop, the gateway will do the following to help in the recovery efforts of the lost/stolen laptop computer:

  • Continuously scan the network/internet waiting for the missing laptop/phone to connect.
  • Call-in history of your laptop/phone from the time it was reported lost/stolen.
  • Get the phone/laptop computer’s information (e.g. make and model #, serial #, etc.).
  • Determine the location of the missing laptop/phone to help authorities retrieve the system.


DES Laptop/phone tracking software is a very easy to use application. To get started, you need to create an account with username and password. You will get the setup file and install on your system. Once installed, you can manage all your settings easily.

Once installed, DES Laptop/phone tracking software runs on your system in stealth mode. There is no entry in start menu or desktop and even Add & Remove Programs. This ensures that the thief can never get to know that he is being tracked

As soon as your device gets stolen/lost, you just need to log in to your web account from any other system and click on Start Tracking button. Immediately after that you would start getting alerts in your inbox.

DES Laptop/phone tracking software uses IP based positioning that transmits the location of your laptop. It does this without a GPS or extra hardware. Everything is on the inside.

When you activate DES Laptop/phone tracking software, you use the integrated web cam to capture images of the thief – and then to upload them, with location data, to your email accounts. You’ll know instantly what the thief looks like and where they are.

You can retrieve all your personal and sensitive data from DES Laptop/phone tracking software web portal. You can also hide your folders as well as delete them as per choice. This ensures that you face no damages from precious data loss.

You can block your system directly from the DES Laptop/phone tracking software web portal. Once you block your system, the thief will not be able to do anything with your laptop. It can be unlocked only with your DES Laptop tracking software account username and password

DES Laptop/phone tracking software will remove all the stored passwords in your web browser to ensure that no one can get access to your personal email accounts and other important accounts.

You would receive regular alerts directly in your email inbox about the exact location of your device along with the captured images of the thief and the screenshots.

With  DES laptop/phone tracking software you can activate alarm on the stolen device so that when you reach the location of the thief, you can trigger the alrm to ring on the device to easily identify him among people. This will happen without his notice.

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