Quality Assurance

Quality Assurance

Application & Software Performance Testing Services – Minimize Risk

Demand for around the clock access to information and services is growing by each second. Your applications play a critical role in delivering your products and services to your customers in a timely manner. The pressure to change your environment can put your business at risk. DES offers rigorous and thorough software performance e testing and quality assurance services. We’ll ensure your business systems and applications function and perform to your expectations while assuring security and quality.

Increase the Value of Your IT Investments

Our risk-based, requirements-driven testing methods ensure your business applications perform and deliver to the level of quality used in our own Build for Quality™ approach.

You can achieve greater business value from your technology investments with disciplined, independent quality assurance and software performance testing delivered by our professional team to:

  • Eliminate waste caused by defects
  • Detect defects early, reducing rework that causes schedule delays and cost over runs
  • Improve the quality, performance and security of your business applications
  • Accelerate delivery time
  • Reduce operational risk
  • DES Testing-as-a-Service can help you be more agile. Reduce testing time, capital investments and resource.
  • Achieve More For Less

Get your products to market faster by using our professional testing team to deliver the right mix of testing and quality assurance at your location. DES quality management solutions apply best practices in all phases of the systems lifecycle. Our background in quality assurance, combined with market-leading software tools and deep testing expertise, enable DES to deliver end-to-end testing capabilities that help your organization achieve expertise in quality.

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