Vehicle Diagnostics

Vehicle Diagnostics

For Automotive Computer Diagnostics, DES Clients Rely on DES Automotive Unit Years ago, cars were much simpler and did not require numerous onboard sensors, computers and computer diagnostics. DES Experts are aware that as automobile technology continues to advance, vehicles rely more and more on computers. Some of the more recent models of vehicles, in fact, rely exclusively on computer technology. In this day and age, an automobile technician must be trained in more than just the basics of vehicle repair.

Rather, a qualified technician must understand computer diagnostics to properly and adequately service and maintain a vehicle. The team of technicians at Dynamics-Era Solutions has a thorough understanding of computer technology, and has the tools to perform extensive computer diagnostics. DES clients count on our technology every day to perform computer diagnostics.

Quality Auto Repair – We Stand Behind Our Work.

Our excellent team of highly trained, certified and professional technicians works hard to get you back on the road as soon as possible. We are always at the edge of technology, doing research on a constant basis to provide you with the highest quality of service.

We are a modern repair facility. We use the latest computer hardware and software to diagnose your vehicle. We work on all makes and models and can handle all of your car care needs.

Our experienced technicians make a conscientious effort to keep a watchful eye for existing problems and ones that might affect your automobile in the future.
As part of our code of ethics, we pledge:

  • To perform high-quality diagnostic and repair service at a fair price using quality diagnostic tools
  • To employ professional technicians
  • To be dedicated to customer satisfaction
  • To exercise reasonable care for the customer’s property while in our possession
  • To obtain prior authorization and provide a price estimate for work performed
  • To provide a fair settlement of customer complaints should they occur
  • To maintain the highest standards of our profession

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